Reimagining Enterprise Digital Transformations

Reimagining Enterprise Digital TransformationsThis Featured Insight, Reimagining Enterprise Digital Transformation, explores both the challenges enterprises face with digital transformation initiatives and the solution for success.

With the rate of change and innovation in today’s operating environment, digital transformations—both large-scale migrations and application modernizations to the cloud—must shift from being an episodic, isolated process, to one that is dynamic, agile and deeply embedded in daily operations.

However, a survey of 4,600 business leaders found that 91% of respondents claimed to be facing persistent barriers to digital
transformation. These barriers include data privacy and security concerns, lack of budget and resources, operational silos, immature digital culture and lack of in-house skills and expertise – all key drivers of the estimated $900 Billion that was wasted on digital transformation initiatives that didn’t meet their goals. This is even more challenging in 2020 as teams need to work remotely yet collaboratively.

Fortunately there is a software platform that enterprises are now adopting that fully integrates the people, processes and tools required for digital transformation into a common platform to manage ongoing innovation and modernization, accelerating transformations by 70%, and reducing costs and effort by 60-70% on a continuous basis. Read this TDS Featured Insight to learn more.

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