Accelerate digital transformations by transforming IT first

Innovation has become critical for every organization that wants to keep pace with rapidly changing customer demands and economic landscapes.

Yet $900 billion has been wasted on failed digital transformation efforts.


It's Time to Focus on What's Next

At TDS, we believe that to succeed at digital transformation strategies, CIOs must require new tenets of both their business and IT leaders:

  • Collaborate
  • Gain Agility
  • Move Faster
  • Modernize Continuously
  • Build Resilience

To keep up with the pace of innovation and remain competitive, enterprise operations must be agile. Building trust between IT and business is the foundation for a well-constructed, on-time, on-budget and sustained transformation.

Customers who leverage TransitionManager become a more flexible and efficient organization
70% increase in transformation velocity 70% reduced labor costs 70% decrease in disaster recovery time 90% reduction in rollbacks

Digital Transformation Starts with Your Applications

TDS IT Strategy Assessment Team

Digital Transformation Starts with Your Applications

Transformation starts with accurate data, visualization of dependencies across assets and infrastructure, and the ability to analyze and plan collaboratively across business silos. Digital Transformation projects succeed when based on a deep understanding of the relationships between applications and infrastructure and the business strategy for each.

Digital Transformation Client Spotlight: Hershey

Digital Transformation Client Spotlight: Hershey

Digital Transformation Client Spotlight: Hershey

Reduce transformation project duration, cut costs and shed technical debt

TransitionManager provides access to a comprehensive, consolidated view of the entire IT landscape, enabling IT to visually map and plan any project, no matter how complex, across multiple hosting sites. It was built to help IT teams like Hershey’s more reduce their timeline a full year and save over $1.2m off their original budget.

Accelerating Digital Transformations

Explore how TransitionManager has the powerful ability to leverage your existing tools to accelerate digital transformations:

Avoiding Roadblocks to Digital Transformation

Learn how a global auto manufacturer was able to conduct an IT transformaton and ways you can avoid roadblocks for your own IT transformation project.

The Myth of the CMDB

Learn why IT needs to move beyond the traditional CMDB to a platform that accelerates their ability to execute change, and eliminate the risk of disruption in the process.

How TransitionManager Works

Watch how TransitionManager orchestrates and accelerates complex data center and hybrid cloud migrations, saving millions of dollars and countless hours of frustration.

Continuous digital transformation management

According to Gartner, poor data quality costs organizations an average of $13.3M per year. Worse, 39% don’t know what that bad data is costing them, as no one is tracking the impact.

“Digital business strategy needs to be more continual and able to pivot more frequently, based on a continual stream of changes in markets, customer or citizen preferences, and the status of strategy execution. Enterprises should follow the lead of the transformers that create new value propositions and design new business models around them.”

Gartner: “Master These Core Enterprise Capabilities to Advance your Digital Transformation”

Jump Start Your Digital Transformation