Interview with Jason Siegrist, Sentara Healthcare

In this interview with Jason Siegrist, we discussed approaches and “lessons learned” by Sentara Healthcare as they transformed their IT and data center infrastructure. Jason is a key employee at Sentara Healthcare responsible for Enterprise Management Technologies and Data Center Migration Program Management.

Discussion topics include:

  • Introduction to Sentara Healthcare and overall IT footprint
  • IT initiatives underway and general approach to discovery, planning and execution
  • Deeper dive into recent data center migration project covering 571 applications
  • Process to leverage contribution of broader staff while minimizing impact to their daily operations
  • Process and tools to assure predictable, on-time and on-budget migration
  • Surprises, tips and suggestions to others facing similar project

Learn from the success of others. In this webinar, you will gain insight into how Sentara Healthcare successfully approached their recent data center migration project.

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