Smarter, Faster Cloud Migrations with TransitionManager

Smarter, Faster Cloud Migrations with TransitionManager

Your team needs to plan a cloud migration. And there are a lot of tools and data across your systems. But your team doesn’t have access to it all. It’s tough to figure out how apps work, and which workload goes where. And finally, which transport tool to use.

It’s a slow process. You are looking at a ton of data. And you’re afraid to miss a step and break something. Now, there’s a new way.

TransitionManager automates the gathering of only the data you need for your project and ties the necessary business factors to each application, which means you can build the rules for how to handle each application from end to end, and automate at scale.

The results: a faster process which blends human intelligence with powerful automation and reduces both risk and cost.

Here’s how it works.

TransitionManager integrates with your existing tools to uncover and aggregate the data within your organization. With a complete picture of not only your applications and workloads but their relationships, locations, owners, and dependencies, your team can quickly decide how where and when to move.

TransitionManager accelerates the transport process, too. While transport tools allow for quick automated movement of apps and workloads, they also must be configured in specific apps that are moving must be designated. This configuration for each tool in the target environment is time-consuming and difficult to coordinate. With TransitionManager you can orchestrate both the human and automated tasks while leveraging multiple tools.

Setup in the configuration data is passed to tools along with the precise sequence of appropriate steps. So the right apps to get to the right location using the correct tool. And best of all this means your highly skilled team members are free from tedious and error-prone manual setup and validation steps.

Ready to get started? Watch a demo of TransitionManager. 


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