Streamline Your Cloud Migration With TransitionManager

Streamline Your Cloud Migration With TransitionManager

Most CIO and CTO’s find themselves trying to get out of a traditional data center due to underutilized resources, expensive colocation contracts, and overall to reduce their IT costs. Cloud migration and transformations from a traditional datacenter to the cloud takes careful planning, preparation, organization, and involvement from all areas of a client’s organization.

Transitional Data Services’ (TDS) heritage in data center migrations, systems integrations, and proven professional services, position us well to help clients determine the correct cloud strategy, migrate to the cloud and manage their cloud infrastructure on an ongoing basis. Members of our consulting teams have an average of 10+ years of IT infrastructure and service management consulting experience and conform to the latest best practice and standards set forth with an in-depth focus on cloud adoption, migration, transformation, and computing.

Every organization’s path to the cloud will be unique, there are common patterns, approaches, and best practices that can be leveraged throughout. So, TDS set out and developed TransitionManager because conventional project management and delivery methods were simply too inefficient to plan and execute complex or time sensitive migrations with interdependencies that span all levels of infrastructure and subject matter experts in the company.

Furthermore, the use of TransitionManager along with the TDS proven migration methodology helps companies to rapidly discover their environments, plan larger migration events and complete projects successfully with minimal disruption and reduced risk to their operations and end users. TransitionManager is widely recognized as the industry’s leading data center and cloud migration and transformation solution. In 2015 TDS was awarded by Gartner the Cool Vendor distinction.

Before moving a single workload, the TDS cloud professional services team works to plan a course of action that will achieve the company’s business goals as smoothly and as direct as possible. We learn your application dependencies, enterprise assets, migration move groups and unique business considerations while collaborating with the migration team to devise a lean migration strategy that not only moves your enterprise workloads, but looks at ways to optimize them for the cloud.

Everything gathered is then put into a single repository and imported into TDS TransitionManger purpose-built software to streamline all data center and cloud migrations and transformation projects. TransitionManager coupled with closely integrated methodologies and processes result in the following advantages:

  • Rapid Discovery – By leveraging TransitionManager, TDS is able to discover environments extremely quickly and with less impact on your staff.
  • Breaking Down Complexity – By documenting the current state of an IT environment, TDS establishes the interdependencies of the environment from an application perspective. This enables organizations to truly understand the effects a change will have on the entire environment before and during their migration to the cloud.
  • Reduced Human Error – Examples include using real time data, as opposed to error prone spreadsheets distributed back and forth, to make sure the right assets are moved at the right time, in the right order, going to the right destination.
  • Streamlined Cloud Adoption – While the benefits of cloud computing are substantial, so is the complexity of planning, building, managing and migrating to the cloud. TDS experience in data center migrations, application stacks, systems integration, matured professional service skills and technical expertise position us above the rest to help our clients determine the correct cloud strategy, migrate to the cloud, and manage their entire cloud migration and transformation from start to finish with TransitionManager.
  • Reduced Time and Resources – Using our methodology, process and TransitionManager, alleviates the need for full time resources to be placed on site for the duration of the cloud migration project.
  • Reduced Number of Migration Events – Leveraging TransitionManager, TDS increases the amount of applications and servers relocated in each event, thus reducing the number of events necessary in the project and reducing the overall total project duration
  • Reduced Downtime Windows – By moving more, faster, TDS has proven to be able to reduce the event window and decrease the downtime or outage during these events.
  • Reduced Impact on the Organization – By having less downtime, reducing cost, and requiring less time from the client’s staff, there is significantly less overall impact on their organization.

When you work with TDS you partner with a 15-year-old company whose values, incentives, people practices, methods, business alliances, and fee structures have been designed from the start to maximize your interests.  TDS streamlines and simplifies your migration and IT transformation projects.

TDS is here to help you minimize risk, improve project efficiency, and increase migration speed while facilitating more predictable, forward-thinking technical operations for your company for years to come with complete overview from start to finish with TransitionManager.

TDS technical staff possess some of the industry’s highest technical skills and certifications across all areas of datacenter, cloud, and overall IT transformation. TDS engineers, consultants, and architects hold some of the most prestigious industry certifications including the VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX), Amazon AWS Solutions architect – Professional, Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks and top storage vendors including EMC certifications to name a few.

Mapping a migration path and architectural design to the cloud requires an in-depth understanding of an organization’s entire IT infrastructure, applications, architecture and relative interdependencies and risks. TDS TransitionManager takes all that information, centralizes all the planning and execution into a single application, and takes the guess work and unknown out of the equation.

TransitionManager streamlines the overall migration and transformation execution of even the most complicated migration projects from start to finish. Saving customers money, time, and ensuring the highest level of success.

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