TDS Announces Powerful Accelerant for Disaster Recovery

One-Click DR solution reduced labor costs 38%, taking the number of manual steps for configuration from 20 to 2 and reduced errors 98%

Westborough, Mass. (March 8, 2021) — TDS announced that its TransitionManager platform has been successfully deployed and demonstrated that it can unify and streamline the CloudEndure Disaster Recovery toolchain. TransitionManager, a powerful orchestration platform from TDS, is built to integrate with native and third-party tools, including CloudEndure Disaster Recovery from Amazon Web Services (AWS), and reduce the complexity of disaster recovery (DR), and turn it into an easy, “one-click” process. This minimizes the time and risk normally involved.

TransitionManager leverages integration to create an automated recovery toolchain and fill existing gaps in the recovery process by unifying and automating tools, process and systems across IT. TransitionManager enables IT to accelerate and de-risk every step of recovery planning and execution.

The Results – Improved Efficiency, Reduced Risk

For one recent customer, a leading financial services firm, TDS worked with AWS to ensure DR functionality as a prerequisite for moving to the cloud. The customer required a fully automated failover architecture ensuring protection of their Tier 1 applications across AWS Regions while achieving their required SLAs. This automation created a framework to seamlessly add servers to the failover automation workstream as they continue to migrate additional workloads to AWS.

TDS and the customer team leveraged TransitionManager to orchestrate every phase of the project, from discovery of the environment, analysis and planning, failover testing, to full failover and failback. The new process introduced significant efficiencies by eliminating manual input and the associated errors and redo’s that traditionally go along with DR processes. The new solution streamlined the hand-offs between teams and tools into one unified, intelligence-driven toolchain.

  • 98% reduction of manual entry errors
  • 50% reduction in number of resources (often highly skilled, highly paid)
  • 38% reduction in technical labor costs, reduce manual steps from 20 to 2
  • 85% reduction in event execution time

With TransitionManager enabling the orchestration of CloudEndure Disaster Recovery, testing and failover operations were automated without affecting primary systems, which drastically reduced the cost, operational impact, and staffing requirements typically required in DR efforts. The customer was able to view through a single pain of glass and make collaborative decisions through a single automation portal for all the required tools in the process. This automated connectivity between teams and tools enabled an accelerated, repeatable process, moving more workloads to move faster.

“Companies are scrambling to scale and be nimbler as they grow and improve their operations on AWS, and we’re pleased to work with CloudEndure and the customer teams to create a baseline framework that can easily adapt to their current operating model,” commented Michael Bullock, CEO of TDS.  “Another driver behind the growing demand for automated disaster recovery services is the escalating number of cyberattacks, especially ransomware attacks that lock up IT systems until a ransom is paid. The TransitionManager service for CloudEndure Disaster Recovery can help mitigate the impact of such incidents by providing a way to quickly roll back an IT system to an earlier, pre-attack configuration.”

Learn More about TransitionManager’s Powerful DR Automation Engine 

TransitionManager was built to help IT practitioners efficiently plan and eliminate risk when executing change in complex, mixed-vendor, cross-silo environments.  It aggregates the disparate sources of information across IT into a single, accurate, actionable set of data, and presents it visually in an interactive map. This makes it easy to understand application dependencies across hybrid environments, enabling IT to build and maintain always accurate recovery plans. All members of a project team have a consistent view of real-time data, driving more accurate planning.

As an orchestration platform, TransitionManager easily integrates with existing tools across IT, to coordinate the flow of data and the execution of human and automated tasks.  Audit trails provide proof points to confirm the ability to meet uptime requirements and protect critical information. Regenerating runbooks ensures they always reflect the current environment.

About TDS

With the power of the TransitionManager platform, TDS has been successfully delivering results for complex IT transformation programs for enterprises and government entities around the world, having migrated over 1.5 million workloads and more than 400,000 applications while achieving close to 100% customer satisfaction. Recognized by industry analysts, chosen by Fortune 500 companies and standardized by some of the largest technology services firms, TDS’s TransitionManager software has become the standard for accelerating the orchestration and execution of complex application portfolio management, hybrid cloud and data center migrations and modernizations, and operational resiliency programs.

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