TDS Data Center Relocation Planning and Management

Project Management Approach

When contemplating a data center relocation, it is important to employ disciplined project management to guarantee consistent, accurate results, and minimize risk. At TDS we prepare a variety of plans and employ time-proven project management strategies to ensure a successful relocation. Some of these include:

  • Logistics Calendar for Physical Move – The logistics calendar will be used to coordinate all outside dependencies, including third party vendors.
  • Resource Plan – Identifies the resource pool, establishes roles and responsibilities, and reporting structure for the entire move team, including OEM and third party maintenance providers.
  • Communication Plan – Establishes the frequency and methods of communication, escalation paths and feedback loops.
  • Risk Management Plan – This plan captures all the risks identified during the pre-move review and defines the appropriate mitigation options.
  • Detailed Move Plan Documentation – TDS continually reviews and provides input to the “Master Move Project Plan,” including assets to be moved. Subjects include move task definitions, task sequencing, estimated duration and dependencies.
  • Change Control – Any changes to the scope of work, pricing or delivery schedule as documented in the Statement of Work must be submitted, in writing, to the TDS Project Manager and Client Project Manager via a TDS Change Control Document.

Pre-Move Services

Several activities are essential to reduce risk, reduce cost and shorten the overall move window. In short – these activities help to ensure a successful move. Current data center operations best-practices such as per cabinet power thresholds, server placement methods, port assignment standards, cable installation and labeling standards will be used when implementing the appropriate pre-move services. Essential activities include:

  • Validation of Test Plan – Tests should be performed to gain sign-off of system operational readiness pre & post move.
  • Rack Elevations – TDS reviews rack elevations and provides input with regard to placement, power, etc.
  • Port Assignments – TDS assists with the development of a port assignment schedule that specifies the network, power and KVM ports to which each server is connected.
  • Site Preparation – Installation of rails, KVM’s power cords, cables and cable labeling.

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