TechStringy Podcast Part 2: Microsoft’s Sarah Lean on Migrating to Azure

Migration to public cloud and how to ensure you plan a successful implementation.Pro-tips for design and migration to public cloud and how to ensure you plan a successful implementation.

Eric Kraieski recently had a conversation with Paul Stringfellow on the TechStringy podcast about cloud migrations. In this next episode of the 3-part series on moving to public cloud, Paul chats with another cloud migration expert, Sarah Lean, cloud architect at Microsoft.

Both Sarah and Eric share similar advice for those contemplating a cloud migration – good planning is the key to success.

Both experts cite the common mistake many organizations make when plunging in to a cloud migration – they underestimate the expertise required to plan an effective migration – and often overestimate what they know about their own environment.

Similar to Eric, Sarah highlights the critical importance of fully understanding your environment before you move, how it works, your system interdependencies and of course, the true costs of running your IT systems on-premises. She and Paul also discuss the importance of understanding the complexities of the cloud destination, how it will impact the way we work and the way our systems perform.

Sarah also shares some of her thoughts on how a cloud migration should drive cultural and not just technological change. For example, HR will need to recruit new staff or help existing staff acquire new skills including business and financial skills, project management skills, security and compliance, and technical skills.

On the other hand, Sarah also advises that, if this is your organization’s first cloud migration, you bring in outside experts. Engage a partner with deep migration experience and your team will benefit from their knowledge and expertise. You’ll avoid the blockers, issues and questions that inevitably arise to stop the migration plan in its tracks. And, you’ll establish use of good practices which build your team’s knowledge and confidence for future transformation projects.

Over the two episodes, these cloud migration experts share some best practices and lessons learned from their years of experience in the field. Clearly there is no “silver bullet” to tackling a complex cloud migration but there are tools and advice that will ensure your organization can realize the value of the cloud and skip some of the headaches and false starts.

Enjoy this next TechStringy podcast.

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