The Changing Landscape of Cloud Migration - Infographic

The Changing Landscape of Cloud MigrationDuring our webinar, we discuss recent survey findings by 451 Research about the changing landscape of cloud migration, what’s driving workloads to the cloud – and what research shows is standing in the way of successful cloud migration and adoption.

Our infographic below shows some of the data from this research, including how lift and shift is now losing ground to refactor because it has proven too complex, costly and disruptive for many. The migration of complex apps causes many projects to stumble and lose momentum.

But in this webinar the TDS team will share insights on what it takes to orchestrate a migration project and showcase a new software platform built specially to solve these issues.

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Optimizing Workload Placement in Hybrid Cloud Environments.

Join Melanie Posey and TDS experts, Andy Smith and Eric Kraieski, for a crash course on how to plan your journey effectively and smoothly utilizing exciting new migration planning strategies and tools.

Register for our webinar replay. After watching these experts discuss the details, you’ll learn how the journey to the cloud can not only be accelerated but can establish a resilient and business-aligned IT organization that will withstand the changes ahead.

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