Thriving in the age of Covid: IT Transformation WAS and IS Key

Digital transformation during covidFrom the first days of the pandemic, IT leaders have had to grapple with unexpected circumstances — from transitioning thousands of employees to working from home, to near overnight platform rollouts in support of virtual teams. And for many, culture has proven to be the key factor in their organizations’ ability to navigate unprecedented times.

In our experience working with customers around the globe this year, companies that had not established a resilient, transformation-focused and collaborative culture struggled with the global disruptions to business as usual. But the good news is that we have also seen many organizations that either pivoted to or had already embraced a transformation mindset.

These organizations were better equipped to meet the challenges of their rapidly changing environment and to protect both the health and productivity of their teams and their bottom lines.

In fact, we have seen that those business and IT leaders who did prepare are making major strides together to transform and adapt new, innovative technology to meet market demands. We are proud to offer a team and a platform that enables IT leaders to become agile, adjust their strategies to align with business, and nurture new approaches to work – which have proved to be the keys to achievement this year, despite the obstacles.

Here are some of the blogs and stories we shared this year which recognize the challenges we’ve all been faced with – and celebrate those who were prepared and are thriving:


How to Build a Culture that Drives Digital Transformation

How to Build a Culture that Drives Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation (DX) is about more than just processes and technology; it’s about culture. It requires rethinking how organizations use technology to fundamentally change how business is done.

Here’s what we think it takes to build a culture that drives DX: Read blog


Digital Transformation Success

Digital Transformation Success Requires a New Approach

To succeed at digital transformation strategies, enterprises need to adopt a new approach that fully integrates the people, processes and tools required for digital transformation so they can manage ongoing innovation and modernization on a continuous basis. Here are three keys to Digital Transformation Success: Read blog.


Why Financial Services Firms Need to Take an App-Centric View to Drive ChangeWhy Financial Services Firms Need to Take an App-Centric View to Drive Change

If financial institutions plan to outperform the competition, they need to get their IT infrastructure in order and prepare to adapt to the digital age. In this blog we cover key elements that IT leaders at financial services firms should keep in mind when rethinking and revamping IT environments so that it enables your business to deliver on its goals for digital transformation.

Number one on our list: Applications are the future of IT modernization. Read blog.


How BMW Accelerated their Cloud Adoption to Drive Innovation and AgilityHow BMW Accelerated their Cloud Adoption to Drive Innovation and Agility

The automobile industry demands innovation and change, which requires more flexible, scalable platforms. In order for BMW to thrive in today’s fast-paced automotive market, they needed a scalable cloud migration procedure.

Learn how TDS helped them get there faster with a cost efficient, data-driven approach to their application rationalization and cloud roadmap planning. Read blog.


Building trust between IT and business is the foundation for a well-constructed, on-time, on-budget transformation.

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