With Expectations for Digital Transformation Accelerating, Companies Are Seeking Help from TDS to Drive Improved IT Capabilities

TDS Sees Growth in New Customers Across Industry Sectors and Global Markets

WESTBOROUGH, Massachusetts – September 17, 2020 – TDS, a provider of leading cloud and data center migration and modernization solutions, is helping enterprise organizations avoid the stagnation of their IT transformations with application of its TransitionManager platform and expert services.

“The pandemic has made the case for accelerating companies’ journeys toward an even faster changing digital future,” said TDS co-founder and CEO Michael Bullock. “But many are coming to us for help as they’ve run into all kinds of barriers including data privacy and security concerns, lack of budget and resources, operational silos, immature digital culture and a lack of in-house skills and expertise. And the cost of failed digital transformation efforts can’t be ignored, with estimates of $900 billion wasted.” (Digital Transformation is Not About Technology, Harvard Business Review, March 2019)

TDS’s TransitionManager platform uses proprietary technology and a proven methodology to enable IT to complete projects in 60% of the time, reduce labor costs 40% and be able to adapt to continuous change and to drive their organization’s digital transformations. TransitionManager is built to eliminate the pain and cost of end-to-end migration and modernization processes, unifying business processes across applications, data sources and APIs. The platform delivers on the promise of digital transformation, driving IT to be more agile, efficient and collaborative.

TDS has tremendous traction in the market with leading organizations across industries utilizing its TransitionManager platform, including healthcare, financial services, insurance, retail, government, media and telecommunications. Recent customers have included a global financial services firm, an international petroleum company based in the APAC region, a large US city government, and an international market research firm based in the UK.

Already more than 10,000 applications have been migrated in the past year using TransitionManager, enabling enterprise organizations and technology partners, including AWS, VMware and IBM, to leverage a scalable software solution that automates the application roadmapping process and enables long-term, continuous IT transformation management. Customers are benefiting from the software’s ability to fully integrate the people, processes and tools required for digital transformation by bringing a common orchestration platform to manage ongoing innovation and modernization.

About TDS

With the power of the TransitionManager platform, TDS has been successfully delivering results for complex IT transformation programs for enterprises and government entities around the world, having migrated over 1.5 million workloads and more than 300,000 applications while achieving close to 100% customer satisfaction. Recognized by industry analysts, chosen by Fortune 500 companies and standardized by some of the largest technology services firms, TDS’s TransitionManager software has become the standard for accelerating the orchestration and execution of complex application portfolio management, hybrid cloud and data center migrations and modernizations, and operational resiliency programs.


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