TDS IT Consulting – Assessments and Evaluations

Based on our deep knowledge of industry best practices and technology, TDS’ principal Consultants can help you assess the current state of your IT organization from a broad range of perspectives. Each organization is different, and each assessment is customized to address the needs of the individual organization, but questions frequently addressed in our IT assessments include:

  • Do I have the right plans in place with which to manage my operation: Service Level delivery, Security, Backups, Disaster Recovery, Infrastructure Maintenance, Risk Management, Application Growth and Migration, etc.?
  • Do I have the right people in the organization to deliver on these plans; where am I under/overstaffed, where are my risks?
  • Do I have the infrastructure I need to deliver the services my business requires?
  • Are my network, storage, or server architectures well thought out and able to deliver the service levels I need at the right cost?
  • Is my infrastructure delivering the needed services at a reasonable cost?

Through a thorough, customized assessment of your organization, our review will pinpoint strengths and weaknesses and provide recommendations for remediation to address deficiencies. And, since TDS does not operate as a VAR or broker, we have no product biases. We are not limited by a specific product portfolio and will recommend the best solution that meets your technical, business and budget requirements.

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