TDS IT Consulting – Architectural Design

TDS’ consultants have the deep technical expertise to skillfully develop architectural plans for even the most complex IT environments. We have developed architectures for everything from small, in-house datacenters, to fully distributed, high-availability, large-scale e-commerce web deployments. For most companies, these projects are asymmetrical – you may need a network architect for a month – and then only part time on an ongoing basis.

Hiring a deeply technical operations team is at best a series of compromises:

  • Should you recruit expensive, hard to retain specialists or a broad generalist?
  • Do you hire based on most urgent needs or to support the long term strategy?
  • How do you balance needs for architects, implementers and administrators?

These tradeoffs are the symptom of a larger problem. By its very nature, good infrastructure management will often require specialists. Yet few budgets can justify dedicated technical expertise always be on hand just in case they’re needed. The TDS team can augment your staff bringing the same “big and broad” IT capabilities of the large companies – at a fraction of the cost.

“IT on demand” lowers operating expense while improving overall service delivery. TDS is a logical choice for companies that want deep IT expertise on their side, but do not want to deal with the costs and management focus that in-house capabilities sometimes require. And, because we’re not resellers of any vendor’s equipment or technology, we won’t restrict your choice of technology – operating systems, servers, networks, storage – we help you leverage the technology and products you need to run your business most efficiently.

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