How Hershey Tackled Their Complex IT Transformation

How Hershey Tackled Their Complex IT Transformation Using TransitionManagerSummary: To keep up with Hershey’s ambitious plans and the dynamic marketplace, the company embarked on a mission to transform its IT infrastructure.

Learn how Hershey tackled their complex IT Transformation, exceeded their savings goals, and reduced their technical debt.

The Challenge:

“This was our opportunity to shed technical debt and move to a modern IT infrastructure that is closely aligned with our cloud strategy – and ensure we can continue to serve the business as it needs to adapt and change,” explained Brian Fenimore, director of enterprise infrastructure at Hershey.

After conducting a comprehensive survey of the industry and a rigorous RFP process, Hershey selected TDS as the partner with the right leadership experience, proven methodology and proprietary software, TransitionManager, to help drive the migration and modernization project.

The Results: The Hershey project is actively underway at the time of this publication:

• 50% of the applications have been migrated and 35% of the servers.
• Eleven events have generated no unplanned downtime or adverse impact to the
business or customers.

“We’ve delivered every single milestone that we stated we would deliver. We’ve exceeded our savings goals and reduced our technical debt. On the whole, we’ve over-delivered what we said we would deliver and expect to do the same this year,” said Brian Fenimore.

Read the Hershey case study and learn more.

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