June 2013 - TDS Newsletter

Even More New Features for TransitionManagerTM

In addition to the changes previously discussed in our March newsletter, the TDS TransitionManagerTM development team has been hard at work, and recently released several new or enhanced capabilities. TDS TransitionManager is our “purpose-built” tool that accelerates the pace of data center migrations and relocations while simultaneously reducing the risk of human errors.

During a data center migration, every activity for every asset (server, virtual server, application, database, storage device, router, etc.) needs to be planned and documented, step-by-step. The resulting plan, the “runbook” is the master guide for each migration event. Without TransitionManager, creation of the runbook (or runbooks) is a painstaking, error-prone manual process that can take weeks or even months to complete. Now, the creation of runbooks has been automated by TDS TransitionManager; with TransitionManager, the creation of complex runbooks with even thousands of tasks takes only minutes.

At its core, TransitionManager maintains a comprehensive database of all the attributes of all data center assets involved in a migration event, including the interdependencies among them. Combining this knowledgebase with a set of customizable move activity rules allows TransitionManager to eliminate the tedious manual process of runbook creation, guaranteeing a fast, efficient, and most importantly, accurate, move plan for your data center’s relocation project. Beyond the migration event, runbooks, and the ability to quickly re-create them, has ongoing value as an important part in a disaster recovery planning process.

Who’s New at TDS

We are excited to welcome Chris Sullivan to the TDS team.  Chris joins TDS as a Principal Consultant with 17 years of experience in the data center and technology consulting industry.  As a Senior Consultant/ Senior Project Manager, Chris successfully lead some very large, very high profile IT projects in the financial services, retail, and life sciences industries.  Two of the larger projects included a VoIP implementation consisting of over 2,000 devices across 6 global offices, and a data center consolidation from 4 in-house data centers to a colocation facility and a single in-house data center.

Chris has a B.S. in Business Information Systems from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, and is PMP (Project Management Professional) certified, and also has the Six Sigma Green Belt certification.  At home, Chris enjoys spending time with his family on the beach, and is learning to play the guitar. In his spare time, Chris also enjoys learning and working with PHP, MySQL, and Python development.

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