Make Your Mark

Together, TDS and VMware help you Make Your Mark!by Mike Bullock.

“Make Your Mark” is the theme of the upcoming VMworld, the annual VMware event.

It’s a theme that certainly resonates with us here at TDS. Through our expanding partnership with VMware and others, we are making tremendous strides in helping a growing list of customers accelerate their cloud journey and make their mark with exciting digital transformations.

Together, TDS and VMware are helping clients to:

  • Embrace the opportunity of digital and IT transformation
  • Unlock the power of distributed applications and infrastructure
  • Use software to deliver services and generate outcomes

I think one of the reasons we are seeing such a need for expert guidance and a new approach to IT transformation is clear: Change is hard.

Since I started my career managing IT departments many years ago, there’s no doubt that technology is constantly evolving, IT has gotten increasingly complex and making changes without disrupting the business is difficult.

I believe that there’s still a common problem that causes projects to falter or stop before completion: Failing to fully understand your IT environment.

In fact, that’s why we built our TransitionManager software platform. We believe that successful migrations must start with an accurate mapping of your entire environment and then using a collaboration platform to enable the team to make decisions on which assets can be cost effectively and securely migrated.

In the course of our work, one trend we are noting is an increasing move toward a multi-cloud architecture. There are good reasons for this decision, but it’s especially challenging to manage. For starters, it is far more complex than moving to a single cloud, and it can be difficult to perform data integration and make decisions about applications that are spread across a disparate IT environment.

It’s even more critical to have that full picture of your environment including details on the interdependencies, security risks, costs, need for availability, for each application.

We are thrilled to partner with VMware, working with enterprise clients across the globe and across industries, including financial services, manufacturing, and technology.

And we are looking forward to joining our partners and collaborating with innovative solution providers and companies at VMworld who are eager to make their mark!

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