Physical Data Center Relocation - Exclusive Use Trucking

data center moverExclusive use trucking is a term logistics companies use to describe a shipping method where the shipper requests exclusive use of the truck, meaning their freight is the only freight on the truck from origin to destination.

TDS uses only exclusive use trucking when transporting our customer’s equipment from one data center to another. It’s an important note, because unless specified, any of a myriad of alternatives are possible.

A variety of other factors must also be considered when choosing the right shipping method. A good general rule of thumb when shipping high value equipment is that trucking is far cheaper and almost always quicker when the destination is less than 1200 miles away. The US Department of Transportation has very specific regulations surrounding the number of hours a driver is allowed to operate a vehicle in a specific time period. For this reason, TDS often uses multiple drivers to accommodate straight through driving and ultimately a faster and less risky delivery for our customers.

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