TDS Tackles a Changing Cloud

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A key research report says why cloud migrations require automation

Thanks in part to a changing cloud, many organizations today have leaner IT departments while at the same time attempting to manage much bigger IT challenges — including a more diverse technology stack, multiple management silos, and a far greater imperative to cut costs while rapidly accelerating new IT service deployments.

Dealing with those challenges requires a holistic and automated approach, says renowned IT consultancy, 451 Research — an approach embodied in the TDS suite of services and software offerings. Find out why in this special research report, TDS Accelerates into the Cloud Migration Market.

In this report you will learn:

  • What’s changed in the cloud to cause increased migration costs and risks
  • Key tools and techniques required for successful cloud migrations
  • Why automated migration technology is a must-have

It’s an industry expert’s look at how TDS is responding to a changing cloud — so you can too!

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