CEO Digest: Insights on Managing Change in IT

CEO Digest: Insights on Managing Change in ITBy Mike Bullock.

Here at TDS, we’re all about enabling our customers to be agile and make informed decisions which lead to meaningful change for their organizations. That’s why we continuously keep a close eye on the challenges confronting IT.

Our migration consultants have been working with customers across the globe since 2002, and their feedback is, of course, vital.

We built our software platform, TransitionManager, to leverage our best practices and accelerate companies’ digital transformations. TDS created TransitionManager to improve the entire process from discovery and validation, to planning, runbook development, and finally, execution.

To that end, I’m proud to share this digest of blog posts written by our experts on how to think about, manage, and adapt to change in IT. These blogs share some of our best practices, customer experiences, and the many lessons we’ve learned along the way.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Missed Hockey Games

By Tom Maida, Product Manager

In this blog, our TransitionManager product manager reflects back on his previous challenges managing IT projects for a large financial services company before joining TDS.

Not unlike many of our customers, the IT team was struggling to keep up with the constant changes of a dynamic, growing organization.

“We had all the data and all the project plans you’d think we would need but it was a huge challenge to normalize, de-duplicate and present the data in an actionable format so we could make decisions.” 

CMDB’s – A Missed Opportunity to Transform your IT?

By Craig MacFarlane, CTO and co-founder of TDS

In this blog, Craig highlights the critical importance of IT hygiene and how CMDBs can become stale and out of date, putting the organization in peril when changes need to be made.

“If there’s a chasm between business and IT, the CMDB can quickly become a dormant and ineffective decision-making platform, not to mention a waste of company dollars.” 

Ten Best Practices for your Cloud Migration

By Brad Jackson, sr. consultant, cloud and virtualization

In this blog, Brad shares some of our secret sauce, the elements of a successful cloud migration.

“We intentionally designed rich visualization tools in TransitionManager, so it would show every known data point, application, server, etc. as well as – and this is vital – how they are interdependent. You should have clear visibility into the inner workings and dependencies of all of your applications. A successful discovery phase consolidates information from multiple available sources of information with focus on quality and speed.”

Sweet, Long-Term Rewards for an Ambitious, Complex IT Transformation Project

Case Study of The Hershey Company

Of course, I’m always happy to share an example of how our practices and our software make a difference for our customers. In this case, we share how Hershey selected TDS as the partner with the right leadership experience, a proven methodology and our proprietary software, TransitionManager, to help drive their migration and modernization project.

TransitionManager was built to help IT teams like Hershey’s more efficiently plan and execute change in complex, mixed-vendor, cross-silo environments. It provides access to a comprehensive, consolidated view of the entire IT landscape, enabling IT to visually map and plan any project, no matter how complex, across multiple hosting sites.

“This was our opportunity to shed technical debt and move to a modern IT infrastructure that is closely aligned with our cloud strategy – and ensure we can continue to serve the business as it needs to adapt and change.” Brian Fenimore, director of enterprise infrastructure, The Hershey Company

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