TDS TransitionManager Covered by 451 Research for Cloud Expansion

Recently published research report features TransitionManager software to simplify cloud migrations and hybrid IT transformations

Westborough, MA—February  29, 2015— Transitional Data Services (TDS), a leading provider of services and software to manage the end-to-end process for data center and IT transformations, announced today that 451 Research published a report on December 22, 2015 about the company and its TransitionManager™ software application.

According to the 451 Research report, “TDS Accelerates into the Cloud Migration Market,” TransitionManager stands apart by covering the end-to-end process for complex IT and data center transformation initiatives. Available both as a SaaS offering as well as on-premises software, TransitionManager helps IT organizations streamline the full process from discovery through execution.

Among the key TransitionManager features highlighted in the report include:

  • A cross-silo asset inventory (physical and virtual)
  • The ability to visualize complex relationships/dependencies (including application, infrastructure and compliance)
  • Templated workstreams with real-time execution
  • Full command and communication center to assure smooth migrations
  • The ability to aggregate data from multiple sources, provide dependency mapping, automatically generate runbooks for data center transitions, and provide “what if” analysis for planning.

In the report, 451 Research Vice President William Fellows states why he believes cloud services such as TransitionManager are becoming more mainstream. “In 2016, we will see cloud services become more shrink-wrapped and de-risked as cloud service providers capitalize on the growing momentum for cloud as a mainstream IT deployment choice,” writes Fellows. “Given the investments made, success for cloud service providers will depend on their services being destinations—not only for new application deployments, but also for existing applications or parts of them—for re-platforming and modernizing of those applications. This is the opportunity that companies in this space are targeting. Cloud is not only about new application development.”

To help meet demand for its data center transformation solutions, TDS recently received its first round of funds from outside investors. The funds will be used to accelerate development of TransitionManager enhancements as well as target other channel and geographic opportunities.

“We’re pleased that TransitionManager’s unique capabilities continue to be noticed in the marketplace and embraced by leading analyst firms like 451 Research,” said Michael E. Bullock, president and co-founder, Transitional Data Services. “By leveraging TransitionManager IT groups can greatly improve efficiency, lower risk and increase the velocity of IT transformations.”

Among the chief business benefits for IT teams that the 451 Research report points out are reduced down time, decreased impact on internal staff, shortened overall project lengths, lower costs and more predictable project planning with reduced risk.


According to the report, many organizations have leaner IT organizations than they did eight years ago. As a result, they have lost both critical mass and some of their IT knowledge. Meanwhile, IT has struggled to keep up with technology trends such as cloud delivery, the consumerization of enterprise IT and mobility. Adding to this, organizations have “tended to outsource part of their IT requirements, and have opted to multi-source their managed services.” Consequently, the report concludes: “These factors are combining to create a perfect opportunity for TDS to work with IT departments using TransitionManager. These typically have multiple tools for migration (home grown and commercial), which all do different things and manage data differently.”

To download the report, please go to: “TDS tackles a changing cloud“.


Transitional Data Services (TDS) provides industry leading services and software to manage the end-to-end process for data center and IT transformations. This includes services for application migrations, virtual/cloud migrations, data center relocations/consolidation, network & infrastructure design and 24/7 environment monitoring and technical operations.

Transitional Data Services and TransitionManager have been recognized by Gartner as a “cool vendor” in May, 2015.

TransitionManager was initially developed by TDS for internal use to accelerate velocity of migration projects by cutting through complexity and dramatically increasing staff productivity. While TDS uses the system to support their own client IT transformations, TransitionManager has also been available as a stand-alone application and has been installed at leading companies in healthcare, retail, finance and energy. TDS also recently signed a strategic supply agreement with a large global IT services company who plans to use the TransitionManager system for their own delivery of transformation services.


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