TDS Launches Intelligent Automation and Execution Capability to Address the Challenges of DX

TransitionManager Helps Enterprises Accelerate, Optimize Technology Tools and Staff, Cut Costs and Minimize Risk


Westborough, MA – (April 20, 2021) Transitional Data Services (TDS), a global leader in modernizations and migrations, announced the launch of TransitionManager 5.0 which offers powerful new capabilities to enterprise CIOs who are struggling to orchestrate and accelerate their complex, large-scale transformations.

Michael Bullock, CEO of TDS, announced the new capabilities, commenting, “Migrations and modernizations are critical for enterprises looking to quickly shift or scale to achieve their digital transformation goals, but they require a bold, new approach to accelerate the process while efficiently and effectively managing costs. TM21 delivers huge advantages by automating both business and operational tasks as well as IT estate data management. By connecting enterprise information and tools, we can break the stall many are experiencing with their transformation efforts, intelligently automate the process, and deliver competitive advantages and tangible outcomes.”

The TransitionManager (TM) platform was built to plan, execute and accelerate private, hybrid and public cloud transformations from end to end to meet digital transformation goals. It features three modules to address the challenges of complex migrations, modernizations and transformation programs:

TransitionManager Insight provides access to a consolidated view of IT estate data:

• Integrates with many types of data sources – CMDBs, file systems, ITSM, DCIM tools
• Consolidates data in a central, actionable repository enabling a single pane of glass view
• Automatically groups assets, identifies conflicts and rogue assets, spotlights all asset relationships and dependencies in interactive visual maps
• Interactive dependency maps help to highlight complexities and enable planning by facilitating asset interconnectivity and what-if simulations
Results show a 50% reduction in labor and project timelines for discovery

An integral part of Insight, TransitionManager’s rules engine enables repeatable processes based on expert business rules created by business leaders. It automates many of the time-consuming data management tasks and gives customers the ability to create a repeatable transformation analysis that starts with data quality and ends with migration target analysis and an automated event schedule.

• Improved efficiencies by automating time-consuming manual data management tasks
• Reduced effort and resource needs for stakeholder and IT staff
• Streamline IT assessment processes by aggregating and analyzing data in a single platform
• Flexibility to support decisions for any transformation use case

TransitionManager Orchestrate enables planning and collaboration across IT and business:

• Automatically generates the detailed sequencing of steps for successful execution
• Allows IT and business stakeholders to collaborate on transformation initiatives
• Enables teams to orchestrate and streamline activities needed for modernization
• Generates more efficient event plans to coordinate people, teams, applications and infrastructure as part of transformation prep and go live execution
Results have shown a 75% reduction in labor and 95% fewer rollbacks for execution

The new TransitionManager Accelerate module automates, integrates and streamlines the use of third-party tools that typically make up the transformation toolchain.

TransitionManager Accelerate automates migrations and modernizations:

• Incorporates disparate tools into an integrated end-to-end toolchain
• Secures execution and credential management for third-party tools
• Offers a single pane of glass automation portal
• Automatically configures and executes workload transport tools
• Ensures accurate sequencing and execution of team tasks and tools
• Provides full audit trails for automated activities

Results have shown a 90% reduction in labor for hands-on-keyboard work, while enabling a replacement of highly skilled labor with lower-level resources; and an 8x increase in the number of servers migrated per hour.

On transformation events ranging from 150-1,000 servers (using Carbonite and HCX) TransitionManager dramatically reduced the average resource time to migrate a server from 90 to less than 15 minutes/server compared to without TransitionManager.

With TransitionManager’s expanded capabilities, organizations:

• Automate time-consuming, inefficient tasks in migration and modernization process from end to end
• Improve ad hoc processes by gathering all the information needed to make informed decisions
• Enable data-driven workstreams and decision making across the organization
• Quickly adapt to shifting business requirements, particularly during pandemic operations, to improve stability and minimize disruptions
• Advance innovation and resource utilization with business-driven insights

About TDS

With the power of the TransitionManager platform, TDS has been successfully orchestrating complex IT transformation programs for enterprises and government entities around the world, having migrated over 1.5 million workloads and more than 400,000 applications while achieving close to 100% customer satisfaction. Recognized by industry analysts, chosen by Fortune 500 companies and standardized by some of the largest technology services firms, TDS’s TransitionManager software has become the standard for accelerating the orchestration and execution of complex application portfolio management, hybrid cloud and data center migrations and modernizations, and operational resiliency programs.

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