See How TransitionManager Accelerates Data Center, Cloud and Hybrid IT Migrations

These days, everyone is talking about digital transformation. Businesses are striving to introduce innovative new applications and experiences for their customers. This puts the pressure on IT staff to not just keep pace with the changes – but build an IT environment that is agile and able to withstand the inherent upgrades and new applications without missing a beat.

The problem is that if you don’t account for the complexities and interdependencies across the IT landscape, it often leads to delays, breakdowns, and disruption to critical business services which impacts company revenue and generates internal frustration.

Introducing TransitionManager, a unique software platform specially built to orchestrate complex data center and hybrid cloud migrations and establish a dynamic, resilient IT environment. This unique software has accelerated data center, cloud and hybrid IT migrations, saving millions of dollars and countless hours of frustration.

Developed by some of the industry’s most experienced cloud migration experts, TransitionManager’s visualization tools show you every known data point and how the dependencies interact, as well as highlighting where gaps exist, and drawing attention to data points that require further investigation.

  • It enables you to capture data from auto-discovery tools, files, and ITSM products with its ETL data ingestion engine. Then it normalizes that data, providing an accurate and consistent view of applications and interdependencies across hybrid IT environments.
  • The software gives you the ability to customize assets and perform major incident management by grouping assets and dependencies for recovery with its custom tags capability
  • TransitionManager helps you develop logical move groups that must be migrated together. These dependency maps determine which IT assets must move together and which have assets could be reassigned and moved within other events.
  • With TransitionManager, you’ll collaborate and communicate effectively across project teams to avoid disruptions that can sidetrack or delay your migrations.

Once you’re ready for the move, runbooks are created for each event in order to orchestrate the step-by-step process of human and automated tasks during a migration event. These runbooks ensure you avoid the inefficiencies, downtime, human error and other risks common to working with disparate tools.

  • Tasks are automatically assigned, distributed and tracked. Team members update their tasks in real-time, and task sequencing is updated automatically as each task is completed. It’ll keep management and the rest of your IT team up to date with real-time dashboards displaying actionable information. Realistic tabletop exercises that simulate migration runbooks enable you to test and improve migration plans. Once the live migration starts, team members know exactly what they need to do, when, and how.
  • Best of all, once you’ve completed your migration with TransitionManager, you now have a visual, dynamic platform for continued resiliency and agility.

Are you ready for the changes ahead?

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