TransitionManager and Carbonite Migrate Integration Drives 92% Reduction of Costs Versus Using Free Tools

Integration expedites critical migration projects, improves staff efficiency and reduces costs.

Westborough, MA (August 12, 2020) — Transitional Data Services (TDS) and Carbonite, an OpenText company, launched an integration between TDS’s TransitionManager and Carbonite Migrate to reduce the friction associated with most migration projects.

To test the benefit of using the integrated solution, TDS and Carbonite compared resources needed, number of events and costs associated with both physical-to-virtual and virtual-to-virtual migrations for 1,000 servers located in an on-premise data center to a new on-premise site.

The results showed the free tools required more than double the resources (62 vs 28), caused more than 4 times the events (17 vs 4) and cost 12 times more than using Carbonite Migrate and TransitionManager desktop orchestration.

“This study highlights how the TransitionManager platform boosts the capabilities of the industry’s automated transport tools,” explained Craig Macfarlane, CTO and co-founder of TDS. “With our desktop companion app, admins can easily adapt simple PowerShell integration scripts and our customizable and reusable templates to map even the most complex workstream. This powerful orchestration accelerates the migration process, while reducing the time and inefficiencies historically required of application owners and highly skilled engineers to set up and monitor tasks and events.”

Migrations require a complex coordination of activities, performed in the proper sequence to assure overall project success. If one step is missed or performed out of sequence, it can result in a failed migration. Carbonite Migrate allows businesses to easily migrate physical, virtual and cloud workloads to and from any environment with minimal risk and near-zero downtime. By integrating the capabilities of leading tools like Carbonite with the operational oversight of TransitionManager, users can better plan migrations, and move workloads more quickly with less risk of error and rollbacks.

“Carbonite Migrate focuses on making migrations efficient, repeatable and scalable,” said Hal Lonas, CTO of SMB & Consumer, OpenText. “Customers who have complex environments can leverage the integrated solution to save time, money and headaches.”

TDS’s 5.0 release of its TransitionManager platform includes powerful integration capabilities that bring together tools from Carbonite as well as other well-known technology providers as to creates a powerful customized toolchain to:

  • Synchronize common tools and data to uncover and integrate the knowledge that already exists within your organization.
  • Automate the gathering of only the critical data points needed for a project and ties the necessary business factors to each application, eliminating the need to work with error-prone spreadsheets.
  • Reduce risks and improve staff efficiency by automating the handoff process to a customized chain of migration tools.
  • Accelerate migration speed to re-host targets by leveraging automation to invoke and orchestrate sequenced tasks.

Michael Bullock, CEO of TDS, commented, “Some enterprises may be considering scaling back on their digital transformations to cut costs due to the economic crisis. But we believe that now is the time to aggressively press forward with digital transformation plans and the move to the cloud. Our business is thriving as companies both here in the US and abroad recognize that if they have very strong digital-enabled products they are going to be in a much stronger position going forward. They are coming to us because they need to understand their applications and leverage a sophisticated toolchain to improve efficiency and accelerate their process.”

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With the power of the TransitionManager platform, TDS has been successfully delivering results for complex IT transformation programs for enterprises and government entities around the world, having migrated over 1 million workloads and more than 300,000 applications while achieving close to 100% customer satisfaction. Recognized by industry analysts, chosen by Fortune 500 companies and standardized by some of the largest technology services firms, TDS’s TransitionManager software has become the standard for accelerating the orchestration and execution of complex hybrid cloud and data center migrations, disaster recovery and operational resiliency initiatives and application rationalization programs.

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