Webinar: Data Center & Cloud Migration Success And Survival Guide

Webinar: Data Center & Cloud Migration - Success & Survival Guide

Webinar: Data Center & Cloud Migration – Success & Survival Guide

Moving a data center is perhaps one of the largest and most overwhelming projects your organization’s IT staff will undertake. The key challenge lies in keeping not only IT, but all project stakeholders across the enterprise, informed and working together smoothly toward the same goal—despite their disparate roles and project responsibilities.

Of course you need a solid approach and methodology that covers discovery, analysis, planning and execution. But this alone is not enough to assure success.

If you are moving just a few racks of gear or a few virtual machines over the weekend, it’s really no big deal. However, when moving hundreds or even thousands of applications and the associated infrastructure, then managing the complexity and inter-dependencies while minimizing the business impact becomes a daunting endeavor.

We understand the challenges, and are here to help. In our webinar, we will share best practices and lessons learned so you will know what to expect and how to prepare for a data center & cloud migration or consolidation.

During our webinar you will learn:

  • How to prepare your organization for a data center and/or cloud migration
  • How to overcome unexpected challenges along the way
  • How to leverage the experience of others
  • How to use technology to streamline the execution process
  • How to identify and triage risks to create a calm, orderly event

Whether you’re preparing for a data center migration, a cloud migration or to climb Mount Everest, the methodology and tools you choose for your journey will directly impact your goals and measure of success. Attend our webinar: Data Center & Cloud Migration – Success and Survival Guide now to kick off your journey.

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