One Platform. Three Core Capabilities.

With TDS’s TransitionManager, we bring together the intelligence IT needs to get a complete view of their technology landscape and an orchestration engine that maximizes the value of all their investments in this rapidly shifting market. Whether you leverage our expert services team – or get trained and use the software yourself – TransitionManager’s three modules address the unique challenges of complex migrations, modernizations and disaster recovery programs.




TM Insight Dependency Analyzer


Gain Visibility and Mitigate Risks


Insight provides access to a consolidated view of data:

  • Integrates with many types of data sources – CMDBs, file systems, DCIM, ITSM tools
  • Captures the key data needed and normalizes data so it’s actionable
  • Consolidates data in a central repository enabling a single pane of glass view

Results show a 50% reduction in labor and project timelines

75% labor reduction
75% faster data validation
50% less time on analysis

Insight Benefits

  • Make better decisions and easily understand dependency relationships between infrastructure and application assets.
  • Open enterprise-wide insight with asset information from multiple systems of record
  • Make decisions with accurate and actionable asset information
  • Conduct scenario-based analysis to support faster adoption of emerging technologies
  • Leverage expert system information validation and planning guidance


TM Orchestrate Task Graph


Collaborate and Take Control


Orchestrate enables projects across IT and business:

  • Access for all stakeholders to a consistent view of data across silos – without the limitations of licenses required for each user
  • Tracks IT and business facts for every device, network and application– with immediate access to this data
  • Visually groups assets, identifies conflicts, spotlights all asset relationships and dependencies enables more efficient event planning
  • Results have shown a 75% reduction in labor for execution and 95% fewer rollbacks for execution


  • Manage tasks in real time for all asset types, critical path analysis
  • Generate dynamic runbooks
  • Precisely sequence automated and manual tasks
  • Automate and accelerate wave planning
50% reduction in labor
95% fewer rollbacks
0% unplanned downtime

Orchestrate Benefits

  • Remote platform that allows IT and business stakeholders to collaborate on transformation initiatives
  • Ability to orchestrate and streamline activities needed for application and service mobility
  • Creates optimized affinity groups to efficiently migrate applications
  • Generates runbooks to coordinate people, teams, applications and infrastructure as part of migration prep and go live execution
  • Visualize runbook task execution in real-time
  • Use Orchestrate for transformation prep, execution and retirement


TM Accelerate


Accelerate and Gain Efficiency

Accelerate is a companion application that automates, integrates and streamlines the use of 3rd party tools that make up the transformation toolchain. It is installed on the desktop, behind the customer firewall, to ensure compliance with enterprise security controls while also providing access to the wide range of systems that play important roles in IT transformation.

  • Accelerate processes to execute migrations and modernizations and change:
    • Incorporates disparate tools into integrated end-to-end toolchain
    • Secures execution and credential management for third-party tools
    • Offers a single pane of glass automation portal
    • Ensures accurate sequencing and execution of human and machine tasks
    • Provides full audit trails for automated activities
    • Results have shown a 90% reduction in labor for hands-on-keyboard work, while enabling a replacement of highly skilled labor with lower-level resources; 50% reduction in labor for oversight of hands-on-keyboard and an 8x increase in the number of servers migrated per hour.
90% reduction in labor
800% increase in # of servers migrated/hour
75% faster cutover

Accelerate Benefits

  • Leverage existing tools and cloud platforms such as HCX, VRNI, AWS
  • On-demand generation of detailed transformation plans that manage people, process and tools
  • Ability to automate all or parts of your detailed application and service mobility plans
  • Automated invocation of industry-leading execution tools such as HCX and VRNI
  • Reduces risk and human error
  • Ensures accurate task sequencing and execution
  • Reduces execution times, increased scale and velocity
  • Maintains security and compliance
  • Reallocates senior engineers from execution tools to more strategic activities
  • 50% reduced need for HOK oversight