Keys for a Successful Data Center Migration

TDS Senior Migration Consultant Paul Areano offers recommendations for a successful Data Center, Cloud, or Hybrid Migration.

When it comes to what’s important for data center migration projects, there’s a couple things. First of all, it’s really important for the client to have an ambassador within their company to basically explain to their own people what this project is and why we’re doing it. Will it be an inconvenience? Not much, but there will be some touch points that the business should know about and be involved in the beginning of every project.

So I think one of the first things that I could recommend to clients for what it takes to do a successful data center migration project, is involve your business. Let them know about it, and also, we’re going to need their time. Not a lot of time, but we’ll need their time. So I think that’s first and foremost. The more that a project is communicated at a very high level, at a kickoff meeting, for instance. Tell everybody who’s this company we’re working with, why we’re doing this project, what’s the incentive for the client to actually do a data center migration project. Is it for economics, is it regulatory, or is it for something else.

Once folks typically understand why there’s a project and why we’re requesting their time, projects run a lot smoother.

What are the keys to successful migration? Excellent communication, involve your business, then allow us to use the methodology that we have inside of TransitionManager to run the projects. This is the one great thing about “TM” or TransitionManager working with our company is, this all we do.



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