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TDS new logoby Michael Bullock, Craig MacFarlane

We recently made a small but meaningful change to our logo and wanted to share the back story. We made the change to reflect not only who we are today, but to reflect the deep commitment we have to our customers.

As business becomes increasingly dynamic, IT teams and technology must move faster, be more advanced and improve their agility. We remain focused on answering that need and want the TDS logo to help us drive that message home.

Since we were founded as Transitional Data Services almost 17 years ago, TDS has been enabling enterprises and government entities around the world to not only orchestrate but accelerate complex IT transformation programs. We have helped them to migrate over 1 million workloads and more than 250,000 applications and achieved close to 100% customer satisfaction.

Our TransitionManager software has become the standard for accelerating the analysis and planning, orchestration and execution of complex hybrid cloud and data center migrations, disaster recovery and IT resiliency initiatives, and application rationalization programs – and do so while meeting both budgetary and resource restraints.

We have earned the recognition of industry analysts, been chosen by Fortune 500 companies and our approach has been standardized by some of the largest technology services firms as they tackle some of their most complex challenges. We have built a team of experts, a track record of success and, because of that, we have developed strong, collaborative and results-driven partnerships with such industry-leading firms as VMware, IBM and AWS.

When the company was founded, IT change was planned and executed on three-, four- five-year cycles; data centers were where applications resided; and orchestration was a services-centric concept.  A lot has changed in these 17 years, but three of the biggest changes impacting our enterprise clients and the partners that serve them revolve around:

  • The speed at which IT change must occur to support the pace set by the business
  • The extent of to which enterprise IT has embraced a distributed application-centric environment leveraging data from a myriad of sources and powered by a hybrid cloud infrastructure
  • The desire to leverage automation wherever possible and create deeper, more meaningful levels of integration across systems and organizations to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and unlock the untapped power of their people.

When we started this journey, we focused in on services needed to ensure successful data center migrations. Today, we have become so much more as we help our clients to:

  • Embrace the opportunity of digital and IT transformation
  • Unlock the power of distributed applications and infrastructure
  • Use software to deliver services and generate outcomes

TDS addresses the challenges confronting IT today by enabling them to more rapidly adopt new technology, more effectively prioritize their transformation investments and more efficiently manage operational, compliance and resilience risks. Our new logo is a small part of our message, no doubt, but we are excited about the future and our ability to propel IT environments to be more agile, move faster, and create a strong foundation for increasingly dynamic business needs.

So, as we move forward with a new logo that reflects today’s TDS, I can assure we will be ready to help our enterprise clients and the partners that serve them embrace and exploit the next opportunity just as we have for the last 17 years.

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