TDS Current Facility Optimization Consulting

As IT technologies evolve, and as new applications are brought online, many data centers struggle with the challenge of ever increasing demands for power, cooling, and space.  In many cases, with proper attention, data center lifespan can be significantly extended.

Our critical facility optimization solutions can help you:

  • Reduce stranded data center capacity
  • Improve infrastructure reliability
  • Prolong system service life

Through comprehensive assessment of your power and cooling systems TDS can help you ensure that your infrastructure is operating at peak energy efficiency, and prolong facility life by optimizing space utilization.

After assessment, we can assist in the creation of a “Data Center Master Plan,” a road map that will ensure peak performance and efficiency throughout a data center’s life cycle.

Energy Efficiency Optimization

To truly optimize your energy efficiency, the team at TDS will use our proven cooling, power, and space utilization analysis processes to assess your existing facility, identify problems that affect overall efficiency, and recommend the appropriate corrective measures to remediate infrastructure inefficiencies.

We will also help you implement a proactive energy monitoring and management plan, allowing your IT team to manage efficiency improvements on an ongoing basis.

Our Principal Consultants understand both the potential benefits, in terms of reduced PUE, operating expenses, and carbon footprint, attendant with improving infrastructure efficiency, and the potential risks to uptime, system reliability, scalability, and cost that sometimes come with the use of bleeding-edge, unproven technologies . Our consultants will help you balance these factors, and develop an efficiency plan that is right for your particular organization.

Power Distribution Optimization

Through analysis of your electrical infrastructure, our experts will determine the capacity and performance of your utility source , backup generators, and uninterrupted power supplies (UPS). This inspection will be performed at both the room and rack level.

A comprehensive report will document utilization loads, evaluate operating conditions, and make recommendations to improve your current system.

Power distribution analysis will determine the capacity and existing utilization of the power distribution units and wiring in your data center. The comprehensive report will describe your current installation, document utilization loads, evaluate operating conditions and power demands for installation of additional IT equipment, and include recommendations to improve the power distribution of your data center.

Cooling Optimization

Through an inspection of your mechanical infrastructure, our experts will determine the capacity and utilization of the data center mechanical plant: cooling towers, pumping towers, chiller(s), chilled water loops, air handlers and humidifiers.

A comprehensive report documents utilization loads, evaluates operating conditions, and makes recommendations to improve your current system. The team at TDS also examines your maintenance practices. Proper maintenance of your CRAC/CRAHs, such as scheduled cleaning of heat exchangers and filter changes, are critical to efficient cooling performance.

TDS provides recommendations, based on industry best practices, for improving data center maintenance programs; small changes with the potential for high returns.

Air Distribution Analysis

In many instances, data center cooling problems can be traced back not to insufficient capacity, but to poorly designed or implemented air flow management. Our cold/hot air distribution analysis will determine the capacity and utilization of your current CRAC/CRAHs, and determine how that capacity is being distributed within the data center. There are many product vendors who claim to have the “one size fits all” solution, whether it’s adding CRAC unit capacity, cold/hot aisle containment, in-row cooling, or some other product.

TDS is independent of all vendors, and our solutions use industry best practices, combined with best of breed technology, to solve your cooling problems. In some cases solutions are simple, involving no or little cost to implement, in other cases a bigger investment is required. In every case, you can be assured that our solutions are the best, most cost effective solution to your cooling problems.

Our consultants will develop a comprehensive facility optimization report that will:

  • describe your current air distribution architecture and capacity;
  • measure and record supply air flow;
  • evaluate your operating conditions;
  • analyze air distribution capacity and capabilities;
  • identify problems associated with cold air short cycling;hot air recirculation; and heat contamination and excessive rack inlet temperatures.

The team at TDS uses computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to analyze current conditions and model expected loads, validated with in-the-field measurements. Based on the results of this analysis, we provide recommendations for solutions on how to remediate existing problems and prepare for future growth and technology changes.

Space Optimization

As business conditions change, and business grow and evolve, IT organizations are continually challenged to deploy new applications. Also, IT technology seems to change at an ever increasing pace.

Keeping up with these demands, in terms of data center utilization, is a challenge for all data centers, from the smallest collocated facility top the largest privately-owned . Since expanding the size of a data center is either hugely expensive, or completely impossible, it is critical to use the existing space in the most efficient manner possible.

Typical situations faced by facility managers include:

  • How much of the available space is currently being utilized, and is it possible to add more equipment without sacrificing performance or reliability?
  • Is there a way to organize my equipment to more efficiently utilize my power, cooling ad space resources?

Our data center experts can create a plan to optimize your data center’s space, prolonging its life span and reducing cost and risk.

Technology Analysis & Selec​tion

Data center cooling, power and space problems often have more than one possible solution. Every vendor believes they have the best way to solve your problems, but they can’t all be right. Choosing among solutions can be confusing and making the wrong choice can have major long-term ramifications.

The consulting team at TDS faces these problems on a daily basis, and has the experience to separate the solutions that really work from the ones that are simply hype and unfulfilled promises. Even in a particular technology niche, some vendors have more cost effective and reliable products.

We know how to effectively combine technologies and products across vendor stovepipes to produce real world results. Because TDS never receives commissions from vendors, we provide an unbiased review of all available technologies, and work with your team to select the best-of-breed solutions that will best solve your data center issues.