Migrate, modernize or transform your datacenter.

Embarking on data center modernization presents significant challenges and leaves little margin for error. The dispersed nature of data across multiple systems complicates the task for IT teams, making it challenging to identify and comprehend all the dependencies within hybrid environments. This gives rise to crucial questions: How can you decide what components should be moved together? How can you ensure that the migration or modernization process won’t jeopardize critical business systems?

A thorough understanding, or insight, of the intricacies and dependencies within your IT estate is imperative. Insight enables you to visually map applications and their dependencies, and empowers you to plan a secure and effective migration and modernization strategy.

TransitionManager is the complete orchestration platform to modernize and manage IT change.

Effectively. Efficiently. Flawlessly.

Managing the complexity of data center modernization.

  • Leverage a centralized platform to quickly discover, validate and visualize a complete aggregation of your current infrastructure and applications
  • Collaborate and balance competing business and technical priorities, optimize schedules, budgets and business impacts using visualization and migration modeling tools
  • Maintain 100% real-time command and control of data center migration resources and tasks/activities
  • Expedite project management activities using automated and integrated workstream management processes

TransitionManager: Built by Transformation Experts

TransitionManager offers insight into app dependencies across hybrid IT. Gain a deep understanding of your environment to drive confident decisions for a data center migration. Teams can plan how to move assets while considering business, security, and compliance requirements. Automated runbooks generate the sequence of tasks based on process templates and app dependencies.

Built by TDS migration practitioners, TransitionManager accelerates the execution of complex change while eliminating risk from the process.

  • Gain powerful insight into your environment including a complete view of all dependencies
  • Orchestrate complex execution with dynamically generated runbooks to ensure the tasks occur in the right sequence
  • Accelerate migrations with automated data ingestion and integration with transport tools

Full Data Center Migration Project Services

TDS has nearly two decades of experience in data center migrations, consolidations, and relocations across every industry. We built TransitionManager because we quickly learned that spreadsheets are insufficient for managing today’s complex IT projects. TransitionManager automates data ingestion from multiple sources and consolidates an aggregated and normalized data set into a single repository, so you have only the relevant data for your project, without the noise.

We validate the data with your SMEs and incorporate business facts with each asset. With a visual, interactive, app-centric map the team will quickly identify application dependencies across hosting sites and technology stacks.  Automated runbooks then generate the precise sequence of both human and automated tasks, so everything is executed exactly when it should be. Teams can practice migration events using TransitionManager’s task management features, and make modifications up until the last minute. Then, when it’s time to move your data center, interactive graphs provide real-time task management so teams can track progress and respond to bottlenecks immediately.

Application Roadmapping for Data Center Migrations

IT environments are highly dynamic and it is difficult to track changes, yet app data is distributed across different systems of record, and most IT teams lack insight into app dependencies because they don’t know which system has the most accurate and current data. Or, which data points and dependencies are important and which are just noise. Teams are afraid of moving anything because they don’t know what could break.  TDS’s TransitionManager solves this problem by creating an actionable set of data, and provides IT with a visual, app-centric view of complex, hybrid environments. Working with your team, we will incorporate critical business facts, identify gaps and conflicts across assets and business requirements, and provide a preliminary assessment and event plan for your data center migration project.


Current state of hybrid IT
Build an actionable view of your environment with data consolidated, aggregated, and normalized from across IT. Validate data with SME and business teams.
Identify gaps and conflicts
Review compliance, security, and criticality requirements to ensure IT alignment with business goals. Flag conflicts and potential gaps where requirements not met with recommendations for remediation.
Preliminary assessment plan
Create affinity groups and high level move event plans. Estimate resource level and schedule. Recommend integration with execution tools.

Customized Data Center Migration Projects and Enablement

Most IT organizations do not have the resources, experience, or time required to plan, manage, and execute complete end-to-end data center migrations, but may want to participate in these projects to fit budget demands, develop their own expertise, or create a better understanding of their environment. Whatever level of support you need, TDS will build a data center migration project to meet your needs. Many of our customers create Disaster Recovery or failover test plans when planning a migration because so much of the foundational work for the project will have been completed. 


Advisory, enablement, strategy
Site identification and recommendation. Colocation assessment and recommendations.Best practices and training using TransitionManager to enable your team to manage part or all of your migration.
Recovery Plans and Test Events Runbook
Runbook planning and testing with IT team. Failover runbooks for full site disaster recovery. Major incident management - tier 1 app recovery runbooks.
A la carte services
Virtual workload migration services. Physical device relocation services. Implementation of integration and automation with data sources or workload automations tools.

See how Lifeway Christian Stores migrated their entire IT environment with no downtime or impact to the business.

LifeWay was challenged by the massive interdependencies between their applications and infrastructure combined with the uptime requirements and freeze periods that accompany a large retail business.
TDS quickly collected and normalized numerous sources of application and infrastructure data and importing these into the TransitionManager platform.

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