Do You Have The Whole Picture?

The “New Normal”: Catalyst for Evolution after a Disruptive Transformation

The New Normal: Catalyst for Evolution after a Disruptive Transformation

We’ve seen that IT organizations struggle with executing on their initiatives, and often this uncertainty stems from not having a complete picture of the IT landscape.

There is tremendous industry buzz surrounding IT Transformation.  While many customers have bought into the value and benefits of IT Transformation, it is unclear how many clients have fully realized this potential. Why is this the case?

One area that we see is that IT transformation is such a complex and daunting challenge that many organizations fail just because of the enormity of the problem.

This issue may boil down to data management.  While there are CMDBs and other management and monitoring tools, all of these focus on their particular area.  There is also the plethora of information which any IT technician or executive must grapple with on a daily basis, wondering “Can I make sense of this information?”

As we’ve evolved our Data Center Transformation capability that same problem exists in a data center move.  What information is truly needed to make appropriate analysis and decisions?  What we’ve found is that working through data normalization to agree on what information is needed, and what information is NOT needed, thus saving unnecessary time collecting information which has little to no value in the greater scheme of things.

Thus focusing on what information is truly important, and ignoring the noise can allow IT executives to take action based on facts.

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