Solution Briefs

See how our easy-to-use collaborative software TransitionManager can accelerate your complex IT transformation.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration Solution Brief

TransitionManager accelerates cloud migrations by visually mapping and exposing application dependencies, making it easy to identify, segment, and migrate workloads based on complexity.

Cloud Migration Solution Brief

Data Center Migration

Data Center Migrations Solution Brief

Learn how TransitionManager enables IT organizations gain insight into hybrid environments, plan across business silos, and orchestrate complex workflows while eliminating risk.

Data Center Migration Solution Brief

Office 365 Migration

Office 365 Migration Solution Brief

TransitionManager enables organizations to  making decisions for an Office 365 migration. It orchestrates the execution of human and machine tasks to mitigate risk of unplanned outages.

Office 365 Solution Brief

Merger & Acquisition

4 IT Must-Haves for a Successful M&A

TransitionManager software can be used by IT teams during all phases of an M&A, from assessment to planning, integration, and the migration of assets.

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Compliance Solution Brief

TransitionManager enables IT to manage applications so that you’re ready for an audit or a regulatory change at any time.

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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Solution Brief

Learn how TransitionManager helps IT gather and maintain accurate application dependency data for always-ready disaster recovery plans.

Disaster Recovery Solution Brief